Bowen / Collinsville

Bowen Transit

Bowen Transit and Collinsville Transit provide school, mine and charter services to the communities of Bowen and Collinsville.

We have a fleet of 23 buses and coaches at our depots, located in Bowen and Collinsville. We operate the following scheduled services:

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All bookings and fare enquiries for the Bowen - Collinsville service can be made on our Bookings page. Click the button below to make a booking or fare enquiry.

Bookings — Bowen to Collinsville

Passengers with a disability

Trans North has a DDA Compliance plan to assist the company transition to full compliance of the Disability Discrimination Act.

Our Long Distance service vehicles are equipped with wheelchair lifts and additional devices to assist those passengers who may require it. Our staff are also on hand to render any assistance that may be required.

We ask that all passengers who may require assistance that choose to travel on our services to please contact us on (07) 4786 4414 to seek further information. Our services travel to rural and more remote areas where there are fewer items of infrastructure available to assist the needs of the traveller once they have departed the coach.


We also operate the following school and private services:

For further information regarding these services, please contact our Bowen depot directly on (07) 4786 4414 or via email.